After completing a double degree (Science/Arts) at Monash University, I was fortunate enough to undertake an Honours year of study at Deakin University monitoring the effectiveness of predator exclosures on the nests of a native shorebird species in Victoria's west.
A couple of years following, I began my PhD at Deakin University, this time investigating the ecology and management of a corvid species on Phillip Island (i.e. sneaky ravens eating too many penguin eggs). I've banded a lot of ravens down on the Summerland Peninsula of Phillip Island for monitoring purposes, so if you happen to capture photos or sightings of any of my banded birds, I'd be delighted if you could send them to me! We love to know where they get around to. Overall, this PhD has been a long haul and I'm hopeful to complete soon.
After spending so much time researching these birds, I have a big soft spot for our native shorebirds, and little penguins - our ravens too! Despite all their problematic behaviours, after watching and working with them for months and months, I can't help but admire what beautiful and clever creatures they are. That said, I'll support management of problematic populations where necessary, particularly when the success of another native species is at stake.
If you'd like to find out more about my research, feel free to send me a message, or you can check out the publications I've been involved with here.
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