Want something made specially?
If my work has caught your eye and you’re interested in commissioning a piece, feel free to reach out and we can chat further about making it happen!
I work in both traditional (pencil sketches, watercolour, or other medium if you’re brave and keen) and digital (Adobe Photoshop and Animate) mediums. I’m pretty flexible in what I do but my current strengths are in portraiture (humans, animals, birds).
Get in touch via email by clicking here.
Price Guide
Pricing is typically dependent on how complex/detailed the subject is, the size of the piece, if you want a background, etc.
Below is an indication on pricing (postage listed separately). All prices are in AUD. Please note this is a rough guide only and may price outside these ranges depending on the specific piece and terms around it.
I require 50% payment upfront and 50% on completion and before sending/posting the final piece, unless specified otherwise.
Traditional watercolour animal portraits
A5 – $70-$110
A4 – $110-$150
A3 – $150-$350
Traditional watercolour flowers
A5 single flower – $35-$70
A5 boutonnière – $40-$100
A5-A4 bouquet – $60-$180
Digital portraits (provided as .jpg or .png files)
simple bird portrait in black and white – $40-$90
portrait (human or animal) in colour – $70-$300
Postage within Australia
$4.00 minimum to send A5 pieces securely by regular post
$5.20 minimum to send A4 pieces securely by regular post
Additional prices for postage with tracking/signature on delivery/express post

Prices current as of April 2020.
Still interested in commissioning a piece? Great!
Here’s how to proceed (and what will happen next).

Get in touch here with an outline of what you’re after (and timeframe if you have one).
I’ll do my best to get back to you on rough pricing and when to expect it by.
I’ll prompt you for more details if needed: how you want it to look, if you want a background or not, and the size and style you’re after. This will help me to give you a price and time estimate.
Once we agree on subject details and price, I’ll send out a contract specifying the terms for you to sign and return, unless agreed otherwise.
As above, I require 50% payment upfront and 50% on completion and before sending/posting the final piece, unless specified otherwise.
I’ll send you a preliminary sketch to make sure you’re happy with it before I commit and get started.
Major changes won’t be possible after the preliminary sketch has been approved by you, but I will keep you updated at key stages in case there are minor changes you’d like made.
Once everything is completed and the final payment has been received, I’ll send your artwork out via the agreed method (safely packaged via post, or by email/cloud sharing for digital media).

Other things:
If you have example images feel free to include those in our correspondence!
As above, the more details you can provide upfront and the clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for me to create something for you that meets your vision.
For portraits, I require high resolution photos that show the subject as you want painted/drawn. If it’s not on the photo and you want it there, I’m going to have to make it up; this includes objects obscuring the subject in any way, or a photo that crops out part of the subject (e.g. feet, ears, hair).
If low resolution photos are all you have, we can still chat and I’ll advise you on what the limitations are!
Digital pieces will be provided as .jpg or .png files.
As a note, pieces I produce for you are not to be reproduced for commercial purposes, unless agreed otherwise.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working with you! 🙂
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